Why you need a website

Why do you need a website?

Did you know you need a website for your customers?

 Your website is all about your clients.A Website gives your clients guidance, clarity, insight, and a way for them to take the next step forward and support your business or invest in themselves.

When I first started, I thought a website was a virtual business card or pamphlet, a way for people to learn what my business is all about.

While this is true, the rest is not. A website is all about what your client needs or wants and how your services and products can help them.

But, if you are not convinced yet to as to why small businesses in South Africa need a website, keep reading.

Reason No 1: Website is your 24/7 employee client resource

A website is always open. When you are looking for a funeral cover, a website, a gift, catering, or you want to build a house. Whatever your service or products, when you visit Google, you expect to find information.

When your business has a website, potential customers can get information about your products, services, pricing, location, opening, closing time, and specials.

Thinking, back it reminds me of a business I went to find information about their services, products, and pricing. The reception was so rude I ended up not taking the policy, and just leaving instead.

A website does not have moods!

When clients want to find out more about your business, it means they are interested. The website gives the client a pleasant journey about your business, and they are more likely to buy.


If you do not have a website, interested clients that did not get a great experience because someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

 Just like me, I was interested!

Those potential clients are not going to buy, and why should they?

The website serves as a resource for clients to get as much information, ask questions, and even better when a website has a blog. The more you can show how you understand what your clients are going through, the better you can serve your clients.

Examples of how a website helps your potential customers

Funeral parlor

You know and understand the emotions your clients are going through, so helping them with what they need like how to grieve or get counseling, how to choose a casket, how to arrange a funeral smoothly, but understanding your clients, you can help them better.

Website Designer
Like me, I understand that my clients do not have a good understanding of technology. Meaning they are overcharged, taken for a ride because they will use terms that you do not understand.

Explaining a difference between a website and a blog, why do they need a website, is adding their business online important.
I am helping them see the value and understand the importance and role of a website and also assist them if they want to do it on their own.

Why you need a website

COVID-19 hit us hard whether you are a small or big small, some businesses are closed that must say a lot.

Your business MUST be online, it does not matter how small or big it is and the services or products you offer.


 If you are not going to adapt to change, your competitors sure will, and if they do. 


Where does that leave you? Change is hard, yes, but you know what they say, regrets always come later.

Reason No 2: Marketing and Sales

The reason why you will hear people saying “ making money while they sleep” because even when they sleep, they can make sales.

Websites are a powerful marketing tool, unlike using paper pamphlets, business cards, newspapers, etc. It is restricting your business to people that can learn about the services and products you offer.

Having a website will take your business to the next level by providing you with a promotional tool for your business that customers can access anytime, anywhere.

Marketing is very important, and previously it was hard for start-up or small businesses to market in newspapers, making thousands of pamphlets, and getting a website.

Today to get a website is not expensive. Not anymore, for as little as R299 per month to R25 000 per month, depending on your business need, you can have a website up and running.

When you create your marketing strategy, it must be online and offline.

Reason you need a website

A website must bring results and solve problems. Gone are the days where you have a website is just because they say you must have it, and you think it is a want.

Getting a website will do all the hard work for you. It will differentiate you, attracts customers, creates solid leads, and even making sales without the client leaving home.

Reason No 3: Flexibility and save time

Through the COVD-19 crisis, time and flexibility became more important than ever.

My clients had to come, place an order for their gift printing. Now, I created an e-commerce store client can order and make payment online and is delivered to their doorstep but is location dependent.

Back to the drawing board then, I created a blog, the one that you are reading right now, to sell my services of creating websites or blogs and is not location depended.

In my surroundings and community, I saw businesses that have been operational for years close down.

All because of not willing to be innovative, or rather say not ready to get out of their comfort zone of how they do business.

The website has information readily available for your customers means you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.

Your website can accept payment meaning your clients do not have to go queue lines every month to pay for your services, saving them time.

It breaks my heart that customers that supported and believed in you no longer come first. Are you putting your customer complaints or needs first?

The COVID-19 pandemic put fear in our lives. When you have a website, you reassure your client’s safety by putting them first. Remember what I said: the website is all about your clients.

Reason No 4: Analytics tools to understand your clients better

Marketing with paper is ok, but you don’t get insights that can help you improve your marketing.

A website with tools like Google Console and Google Analytics can analyze in-depth people visiting your website.

Google Analytics can uncover valuable data that paper marketing cannot like:

  • What potential customers are looking for after arriving on your website.
  • People, visiting your website, their age, gender, location, and what device they are using.
  • When you are thinking of opening a new branch, this information will be helpful to you because you already see where your potential clients are, and how to reach them.
  • How people get to your website.
  • Which channel drives the most traffic to your website
Reason you need a website to use Google analytics

With this information, when you plan, you understand your customers a little bit more. You can see if the website is accomplishing its purpose or not and how to fix it.

Analytics get better insights into your website and visitors.

Irrespective of whether you are a business website, e-commerce website, or blog, you would want to understand and the behavior of your visitors to deliver better results.

Reason No 5: Credibility, Trust and Full Control

Trust is built, not bought right? That is what a website does. Having a website for your business make it look trustworthy than if you just have a social media account.

Marketing without an online presence becomes a lot harder.

Yes, the word of mouth works organic conversation about your business, but having a website puts your business on another level and differentiate you from your competitors.

SEO Definition: SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization, the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.


Knowing what people are searching for, you can create the content. The credibility that your business serves them with relevant information creates trust.

A website can showcase your skills, knowledge, and expertise compared to social media, people visit social media to socialize, and that is the purpose of it.

You can create a portfolio page and a blog so people can consume your content like an information hub, which is what this is.

The website is the marketing tool that you have full control over, unlike social media.
You do NOT own social media but, you own your website.

With a website, you can post whatever you want to post, and your website won’t get blocked, banned, or even deleted.

Bonus: Reason why you need a website when you already have social media

Many businesses in South Africa assume that having social media is enough. Some do NOT even use a Facebook business page.

Meaning they don’t have any insights on who their potential customers are the gender, age, or even where they stay because Personal Facebook does NOT give you some of these tools.

You have a Facebook business page, great good reviews, and you do not see why you need a website because you have social media.

Social media account can be banned or deleted, meaning you lose your audience because you do not have a website. They have no other way to stay in touch with you and your content.

Sucks right?

Reason why you need a website when you have social media

Social media rules change all the time. What is working today may not work next month.

When you have a website, you have your own rules. You can approve, delete, edit comments. You have full control.

With so many social media platforms being in all of them because you are moving with trends that will drain you, unlike when you have a website,

 Your audience that loves to read your content will know where to always, find you!

Book a free consultation with me! My goal is to help start-up entrepreneurs add their business online, so people know they exist. Need my help? BOOK NOW!


Gone are the days where a website is a want and not a need. A website plays an important role especially, for small businesses because of the lack of resources, and sometimes you do not have a budget for marketing.

You need a website because you do not own social media, but you own a website. With a website, you make your own rules.

You can decide what to post without been taken down, banned, or your account deleted without reasons.

People think having a website is so expensive, and they cannot afford it.

That is why my extra small website package starts from R299 per month that includes creating a website, hosting, quarterly report about your website, and website maintenance.

Having a website is an investment. If not now, when?

The last thing, gone are the day when getting a website up and running was a long, stressful, and expensive process.

Not getting clients, and you feel your community is not supporting you? Let me help you add your business online. When people search for your services, let them find you. Let people know YOU exist. Book a free consultation with me!

Comment below what is keeping you from having a website?

If you do have a website or blog, write two sentences about what your business does and leave your link?

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