How to market your business online

How to market your business online in South Africa

Market your business online

They are many ways to market your business online, but I am going to talk about five ways that locally can get your business known.


Marketing requires time, energy, and money, but it does not have to be complicated, especially when you start to market online, you can start for free.

People need your services, but they are struggling to find you.

Start-up, small, medium, or large businesses getting clients is your number one priority.

Social Media to market your business online

They are so many social media network that you can choose from but let us start with Facebook.
Facebook is the biggest social media network that has over 2.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.
South Africa is in the top 15 worldwide social media users in 2020, I don’t know about you, but that must say a lot about social media.


When you look at Facebook users in South Africa from 2017 to 2025, according to Statista, it will increase to over 26 million.

So, how can you market your business online on Facebook?

Start with your Facebook profile, edit it, and tell people what you do.
Profile picture, Cover photo, Bio, Customize your intro, Featured photos you want people to see, and hobbies if you like.

When you look at my Facebook Bio, it says:
Help start-up entrepreneurs to add their small business online so people can know you exist.

You can also post about your business, but with the profile, that is the first thing people see about you.

Join or create Facebook book groups that have your target market.

Create a Facebook business page as it has more tools to improve your results. The Facebook business page has Page Insights, which will help you understand the people who are following and taking action on your page.
You can better understand your target audience and the type of content they respond to, also have other abilities that a personal profile can not do.

If you do not have a Facebook business page, create one, and if you are not sure how to set it up, no problem here is a blog post that will take you to step by step to do it-> How To Create Facebook Business Page for your Small Business?

Other social media options

WhatsApp is also a social media platform that people love. Edit your WhatsApp Profile photo and about what your business does, change your status at least once a week to show people what you are selling.

Choose a social media platform that plays on your strength if you are good with photos you can also to try Instagram. If you have a lot of content to share, try Pinterest if you like talking, try Youtube or podcast.

Market Your Business Online

Market your business online using website or blog

A website or blog expands your working hours. Your content is available to users anytime 24 hours and 365 days is convenient.

Remember, social media is an excellent online marketing option, but you do not own social media. Imagine if the social media network you have build followers, and they decide to close it today, and what will happen to your business?

Now, this is where a website comes in. You can own a website.

Engaging content, including images, written posts, and videos can drive traffic to your website while building a community of followers and customers.

While I strongly encourage you to invest in a self-hosted website  for R299 per month that includes website design, hosting, and maintaining.

I completely understand your position right now if you cannot afford it. So, I want you to know there are free options out there.
You can create a free website in 10 minutes.

Concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Content is the most important thing when it comes to boosting your SEO ranking.
When people search for your services, your websites, or blog to show up in search results, search engines have to know what your website is about!

Local SEO is always best to learn a few things about SEO.

Local listing

Listing your business on local listings so when people search for services or products locally, you can be found, in your different provinces or country.

Start and check local directories website in your province and sign up for them is free.

Email Marketing

We often overlook emails, but Emails are more likely to be read than social media posts.
If you are using the internet, you will see most of the sites will ask for your email, so consider building your email list.

Email help build a relationship with potential customers, and you can lead them to your marketing funnel that can take a potential customer to a customer.

When you have leads build a relationship with them providing, the value they can find beyond your website and social media.

Add your business on Google My Business to market your business online

Being a local business, Google plays a role in driving clients to you.
Have you ever asked yourself why some businesses show up on Google and why?
Someone added that business to Google My Business, whether it is by you or a customer who loves your place and decided to add it.

When you use Google to find businesses that offer services or products near you, they will show Google My Business.

Businesses registered with Google My Business.

To add your business on Google My Business is free online marketing if you want customers to find you online. You can set up your Google My Business step by step.


Market your business online because marketing is important in every business, big and small.

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs. Working together, we can support each other’s business.

Believe it or not, businesses need each other. Market your business online on each other’s platforms.

With these easy ways to market your business online, which method are your using or going to use to market your business online?

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