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How To Create Facebook Business Page for your Small Business?

Facebook business page for your small business is a must. Facebook can be intimidating and make you uncomfortable? I know, let us conquer the fear together.

If like me, you are scared to use Facebook don’t worry you are not alone.

Facebook can be intimidating and make you uncomfortable? I know, but Facebook for a business is a must.

Honestly, when I joined Facebook I just joined it. I didn’t really have a reason, but funny enough when I had to start using Facebook for a business like creating a Facebook business page I started getting scared. 

I didn’t understand it before what exactly was fearing. We fear what people will say, we the unknown.

Let us conquer your fear together and learn how to create a Facebook page for your small business. 

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Facebook Statistics

Hate it or love it, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and one of the best places to promote your small business. 

If you are asking, why do you need a Facebook business page? Because:

  1. Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly active users making it the biggest social network worldwide.
  2. Every user has an average of 100 friends.
  3. Most profiles are real and making it easy to target your potential customers.
  4. Facebook owns FB Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram.
  5. Your small business will have an online presence for free.
Social Network Stats

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In 5 simple steps, you will have your Facebook business page.


To create a Facebook business page, you must have a Facebook personal page. To create a Facebook Page, click this here: 

Log on to your Facebook page and click on Create Page. You will get these TWO options: The Business OR Brand. 

Select the Business or Brand, add your business name, address then click on continue. 

Use Facebook for
Facebook profile and Facebook cover


You need to upload your logo as a profile and add a cover picture.

When people visit your Facebook  page, they can know what you are offering.

If you do not have a logo or you want to create a Facebook profile picture, I used canva to create a cover picture and profile picture. 

 If you want to learn more about how to use canva comment below and say “CANVA” and I will write content about it.


We are going to add information about the business click the About Tab. Write a story about how you started, what motivated you to start your business. 

Facebook business page about details
Under Story, you will see Team Members here is where you add your team including yourself.

The Facebook business page will show on your personal Facebook page.

Add the following:

  • The username under General (Do not include spaces in your username), use your business name, you can make it short if you want but try to be consistent because you already added your business name when you started. 
  • Under General, you can edit your business name and category if you want.
  • Business start date under Business Info. Email, website, phone number, social media under Additional Contact Info.
  • If you are selling food, then add your delicious menu under More Info.
Facebook business page call to action


When people come to your Facebook  page, what do you want them to do? How do you want them to contact you? 

Add a Call to Action Button

  • Book an appointment
  • Contact Us, Call Now, WhatsApp, Send Message, Sign Up, Send Email
  • Learn more about the business
  • Shop
  • Download your app or play your game


We are now doing the finishing touches of your Facebook  page. Check if your page is ready and is the way you want it.  

Which Tabs do you want to show?

They are default tabs that you may not want to show. To make changes on your tabs go to settings and click template and tabs, rearrange the tabs the way you want them to show. Hide tabs you do not need by clicking settings then show tab ON or OFF.

 It will show and hide the tabs. People visiting your business Facebook page will only see what you want them to see.

Facebook Business Page Settings
Facebook business page auto respond

Respond to potential customers when they leave you a message on your business Facebook  page


When enquiries are made we can’t always respond immediately.


The Facebook  page you can send an automated response whenever a message is received from a potential customer.


Click the Inbox you will find it between the page and the notifications, then you just set up your Automated Responses.

Check how people will see your page by clicking the three (3) dots next to the share button click View as Page Visitor

When you are happy with the Facebook  page, and it is the way you want, add at least two posts before inviting people.

 I am busy with my business Facebook page. I want to hide it?

It takes you a few minutes to set up a Facebook business page but if you are not sure and you want to hide it when you are still busy with it no problem.

To hide the Facebook Business Page, click Settings -> General -> Page Visibility (Page Unpublished) and don’t forget to save.

 An unpublished Facebook business page can only be seen by you until you are ready you publish it again.


Invite People to like your page.

You have officially created your Facebook business page now is time to invite your friends, family, previous customers.

Add your Facebook  page to your personal Facebook, your business cards, pamphlets, flyers, website, and email signature.

If you don’t have a website create a free website by clicking here!

How To Create A Facebook Personal Page /Profile

Setting a Facebook account is very easy and takes 2 minutes.

To sign up for a Facebook account it will ask for

  •  your name
  •  surname
  • date of birth
  •  gender
  •  password
  •  email or cell phone number

Once you are done, log in and a few details about yourself.

Describe who you are or what you like add photos and start inviting friends or people you know,

To create a Facebook account, click here to set up.


Don’t be intimidated by Facebook is really not as bad as you think. 

Facebook business page Checklist before inviting friends

  • Sign up for a personal Facebook business page in 2 minutes
  • Business name appear on the business Facebook page
  • The username is setup
  • Your logo is uploaded
  • Business information added
  • Call to action is set so people can get hold of you
  • You have rearranged the tabs you want to show
  • You have at least two posts on your Facebook business page

Comment below with your Facebook Business Page Name if you do not have a Facebook Business Page create one and comment below” I am Going To Create My Facebook Business Page”  

If you know a business that does not have a Facebook Business Page share this post with them, you know what they say sharing is caring!

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