Desert Destination Travel Blog

Desert Destination Travel Blog

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Northern Cape is South Africa’s largest province and a must-see Desert Destination.

What inspired me to start this blog?

Traveling the Northern Cape, I realized just how beautiful it is. The more I traveled, the more I realized just maybe the is heaven on this earth. It is beauty that leaves you speechless.

With my love of traveling and writing, I decided to start a travel blog

Desert Destination is where I share my love for writing, travel, learning, and exploring. Inspire you to travel, take a short left and visit the beautiful places in your area.
In this blog, you’ll find travel tips, stories, destination guides, and the importance of adding your business online.

Gong Gong Waterfall

You know what they say about beauty, right? It is within. We like to travel to other provinces and countries. We don’t even know the beautiful places we have in our Province(s).

The more we write about our provinces and encourage people to travel. More people will see that Northern Cape is beautiful desert heaven. That we must explore, and traveling is not for rich people only.

Northern Cape has potential places like Gong Gong Waterfall and other places, are not getting enough exposure.

To read more about Gong Gong click here

Thanks in advance for visiting my blog, subscribe, and I hope you’ll stick around. Tour the Northern Cape with me!
Northern Cape is a desert destination heaven.
Starting 1 March 2021, Desert Destination will be on Social Media.

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The is no courage without fear be courageous and take that trip!


Comment below what are the hidden treasures in your area?

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